Investment Philosophy

Collaborative Partnership

The foundation of any portfolio investment is its management team. We do not operate businesses ourselves. We act as active partners, providing management teams with practical management tools, creative problem solving, strategic, long-term thinking, and the capital necessary to pursue opportunities.

Competitive Advantage

AGI Partners seeks to invest in businesses that either possess a competitive advantage in their market or industry or possess the potential for a competitive advantage to be developed through a collaborative partnership with our firm. This philosophy carries over to our thoughts on investment opportunity sourcing. While AGI Partners does not avoid competitive situations completely, we will only participate in them if the firm believes we have or can develop a competitive situation.

Capital Preservation

Our goal is to generate superior risk-adjusted returns that maximize gains and minimize volatility overa board range of market environments. AGI Partners believes that through a disciplined and rigorous due diligence process, careful selection of industries with attractive trends and characteristics, engagement of outside resources, development of a well-thought-out value creation strategy, and proactive partnerships with strong and properly incentivized managementteams, the firm can consistently achieve outstanding risk-adjusted returns for our investors and the management teams that operate our businesses while minimizing and limiting losses.

Value Creation