Investment Criteria

Transaction Types

AGI will support a wide range of transaction types such as:

  • Management recapitalizations and buyouts
  • Growth capital
  • Buyout of non-active shareholders
  • Partial shareholder liquidity
  • Family and generational transition
  • Industry consolidation

Deal Characteristics:

  • Management team that appreciates a partnership approach
  • Business should demonstrates attractive growth trajectory
  • Opportunity to “supercharge” the business by improving systems and processes
  • Scalable business model in a fragmented industry
  • Sustainable and defensible cash flow generation
  • High free cash flow conversion


$10 million to $200 million


$3 million to $20 million


AGI is an experienced partner in North America with a focus on flexible transaction structuring and long-term management and operation goals. With the help of highly capable and experienced industry C-Suite Partners, we drive growth to create significant value for existing management and investors.


Business & Tech-enabled Services

Business & Tech-enabled Services

AGI focuses on the business & tech-enabled services sector with its well-experienced, operationally-hardened investment principals and C-Suite Partners. AGI seeks companies that fall within one or more of the following categories:

  • Less capital intensive or asset-light business model
  • Continued growth expectation at GDP or above in the U.S. and Canada
  • Business not dependent on a single customer and sound growth pipeline
  • Fragmented market where niche players can enjoy favorable market dynamics or expand to adjacent verticals

Target Segments:

  • Tech-enabled Services
  • Industrial & Utility Maintenance Services
  • Waste & Recycling
  • Environmental Services
  • Managed Cybersecurity
Healthcare Products & Services

Healthcare Products & Services

AGI has identified Healthcare sector strategy that capitalizes on key societal trends and select clinical categories that are well positioned. AGI’s key principal possesses a long track record of investing in and building healthcare services businesses. AGI seeks companies that fall within one or more of the following categories:

  • Clinical categories benefit from aging population and pursuit of improved life quality
  • Products and services with lower payor risk due to differentiation
  • Management possesses business skill sets and growth strategy
  • Existing capacity is sufficient to support at least 2-3 years of growth

Target Segments:

  • Behavioral Clinics
  • Dental Services Organizations
  • Ophthalmology Practices
  • EMR / Billing / Customer Engagement Software
  • Specialty Medical or Dental Products
Niche Manufacturing

Niche Manufacturing

AGI focuses on niche manufacturing companies. Its key principal’s experience includes leading M&As, driving growth and innovation in operations, and improving the bottom line performance of a broad range of industrial manufacturing companies. AGI seeks companies that fall within one or more of the following categories:

  • Companies in a strong niche position in a growth market
  • Manufacturers of products that contain technology that will provide differentiation
  • Companies that have above average growth potential with proper investment
  • Companies run by owner or team that wish to diversify holdings but remain with the business with partial ownership

Target Segments:

  • Testing and Measurement
  • Workplace Safety
  • Specialty Fasteners
  • Advanced Filtering System
  • Automation Solutions
Media and Telecom

Media and Telecom

AGI’s key principal possesses a 20-year track record of leading media and telecom services businesses successfully through transition and building market share and profits in challenging competitive circumstances. AGI seeks companies that fall within one or more of the following categories:

  • Unique or defensible products or services
  • Recognizable, established channels for expansion or partnership network
  • Require strategic realignment, new talent or additional capital
  • Steady cash flow but lacking sufficient funds to reach full potential

Target Segments:

  • Targeted Mail Services
  • Advertising Technology (“Ad-tech”)
  • Telecom Infrastructure Services
  • OTT Technology Platform
  • Specialty Mail Services
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