C-Suite Partners

AGI works with experienced executives to create value through collaboration.

We believe in value creation. We don’t simply buy and sell assets for a profit; we instead leverage our extensive network of leading industry executives. While we continually evaluate transactions from traditional deal sources, we also actively utilize our network to identify new, proprietary opportunities. Each of these relationships is optimized by aligning the executive’s industry knowledge and operational experience with AGI’s investor base, transaction expertise and ability to create strategic value across a variety of industries and situations. We refer to this effort as our C-Suite Partnership.

The C-Suite Partnership allows AGI to invest in its people and yield effective, long-term value through collaborative effort. Opportunities to partner with industry executives arise through a variety of methods, and we pursue as many channels as possible to foster an open exchange of ideas. Whether a C-Suite Partner approaches us or AGI identifies an executive team through its network, our Partnership provides opportunities for the executive to apply his or her strategic acumen to high-potential companies as CEO or a Board Director. Alongside AGI’s team, the executive’s specific objectives will be aligned to create a viable and long-term relationship.

Once a well-defined market opportunity within the executive’s industry has been recognized, AGI and the industry executive will collaborate to target attractive add-on investments. This collaborative process will include validation of targets through company courtship and evaluation, transaction structuring, growth planning and execution and eventual liquidity. The C-Suite Partner will be a valued member of the AGI team whose ideas and initiatives will be incorporated at every stage.

While industry executives provide strategic insight, operating experience and leadership, the AGI team brings additional support, analytics and access to our trusted network of advisors, CEOs and investors. Moreover, we create a prudent capital structure and design transactions for optimal tax efficiency, benefiting our investors, C-Suite Partners and company founders who retain ownership.

If you believe you meet these qualifications and are interested in working alongside the AGI team as part of the C-Suite Partnership, please contact a member of the AGI Team.